History Gallery at Tempelhof Airport, Berlin Read more

Linking of airfield and building
through position lights

A public history gallery on the roof of the Tempelhof airport will give tourists and locals of every age and background the chance to experience the building and its diverse history. We see a great potential in the sensual experience of the connection between the gallery, the building and the airfield. Following this idea we linked gallery themes with historic sites on the airfield analog and digitally. A visually calm space, that enhances the view of the airfield and building, is created under the roof of the history gallery by employing soft flooring and a damped ceiling structure. Visitors can use tablets and mobile devices to gather information on historical events and to augment the site with virtual animations. When viewing the building from the airfield the gallery comes into appearance through light installations and steles that mark specific locations – again connecting airfield and building.

Competition 1st Prize, 2018
Client Land Berlin
Planning started 2018
Completion 2031
length 1,200 m

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Sophia Martinetz, Brigitte Fischer, Mathis Grahl

Planning and Realization
Project Coordination: Jan Holländer
Project Management: Jens Achtermann
Team: Lara Metell, Tanja Klein, Nicole Lochocki, Roman Weingardt, Sabine Zoske, Georg Hana, Lars Hinrichs, Johannes Drechsler, Brigitte Fischer, Lukas Monath, Lena Wild