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The first addition of the university’s planned theological campus will be the Zentrum für Islamische Theologie, which is to be realized next to the existing Theologikum. The design utilizes the steep grade of the long building plot to cluster the campus’ buildings on a connecting base that is embedded in the slope. All of the institute buildings are accessed from paths and spaces on this base, which is level with Liebermannstraße. Large exterior stairs lead up to the plateau from Gmelinstraße and further entrances provide direct access to the base level. The three- to four-story buidings are sensibly grouped to form places and smaller units that are to stimulate a dialogue in the university. They are to fuse with the green space of the adjacent cemetery and the university campus defined by its free-standing clinics and instruction buildings. The first building of the ensemble responds to the adjoinig Theologikum with an open space that provides enough distance to the octagonal building and links its cafeteria and library with the exterior spaces on the base. The library and large seminar rooms are located on the base level and profit from the solemn atmosphere of the sunken courtyard.

Negotiation procedure 1st Prize, 2016
Client Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg
User University of Tübingen
Planning started 2016
Building started 2020
Completion 2024
Total floor area 4,900 sqm

Negotiation procedure
Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Ove Jacobsen, Henriette Siegert, Sönke Reteike, Jannis Petereit

Planning and Realization
Project Coordination: Hanns Ziegler
Project Management: Dirk Wischnewski, Dirk Brändlin
Team: Michael Zeeh, Henriette Siegert, Claudia Trott, Maria Josa Soler, Nicole Lochocki, Daniel Angly, Christoph Conrad, Jerónimo Haug, Charlotte Stein, Florian Hauß, Sabine Zoske, Lucía Martínez Estefanía, Manuela Jochheim, Dörte Pritzl, Tobias Steib, Maximilian Schädlich, Tom Zumdick, Lara Metell, Sophie Hartmann, Melinda Nasedy
Construction Management Coordination: Dirk Richter

Local Construction Management: Wenzel + Wenzel