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© Marcus Ebener
© Marcus Ebener

The Centre for Ocean Research’s building expansion is situated on the Schwentine Estuary in the Kiel Fjord. With a Corten steel base that picks up the architectural outline of the existing building, the expansion integrates itself into its environment, which is characterised by its brick buildings. The base accommodates the storage of expedition equipment and laboratories, and is divided by patios. Overhead, five cubes for the different areas of research emerge with different sets of proportions. These cubes give the building a liveliness with their prismatic, reflective glass and aluminum facades. The interplay between the hermetic base, which corresponds with its environment, and the glass cubes, which catch the maritime atmosphere, comprises the building’s architectural concept. A special position is held by the cube that contains publicly accessible areas—including a library and conference room—and which is likewise covered in Corten steel. Informal common areas and conference rooms, which offer a view of the water and the institute’s own research vessels, are provided along the corridors in order to promote daily interaction among the researchers.

Competition 1st Prize, 2012
Client Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Planning started 2014
Building started 2018
Completion 2023
Total floor area 27,200 sqm

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Sarah Stöcker, Ivan Kaleov, Fabian Reinsch, Anna Immenkemper

Planning and Realization
Project Coordination: Alfred Nieuwenhuizen
Project Management: John Barnbrook
Team: Sarah Papen, Frank Trautmann, Ove Jacobsen, Thomas Eysholdt, Christoph Conrad, Heike Suhren-Streckwall, Michael Zeeh, Sabine Zoske, Züleyha Timur, Tobias Steib, Nicole Braune, Alice Boetker, Manuela Jochheim, Sylvio Heuer, Sophie Hartmann, Roger van Well, Frederic Rustige, Hong Anh Nguyen, Lukas Monath
Construction Management Coordination: Dirk Richter

Local Construction Management: ERNST² Architekten, Hamburg
Marcus Ebener