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As the central building in the new quarter, the theater workshops play a pivotal role. They are a functional building with complex usage requirements, and cost-effectiveness in both construction and operation is of particular importance.
We have translated these requirements into a compact building that structurally organizes and optimizes the various functional areas. The eaves edge adheres to the permitted heights of the construction site, allowing for optimized use of the available space.
Public spaces are concentrated on the town square, featuring the café, foyer, and studio stage at street level, with the fundus sales, canteen, and creative workshops situated above. The glass façades of the studio theater can be opened to the square and foyer, enabling versatile performance options.
A two-storey shell zone, consisting of office and access areas, mediates between the polygonal construction area and the 'ideal' rectangular space for the workshops inside. In this area, which is only divided by columns, the delivery yard and workshops are optimally linked according to their functional dependencies. Above this, a simple timber skeleton construction houses the theater fundus, which can be subdivided as needed.
The façade reflects the building's layered structure. Facing the square, it features a building-high opening gesture that is transparent in the lower area and configured as a shelf in the fundus area. Openings in the wooden façade behind it add depth and subtle design options. On the other sides, the building engages with the neighborhood through loggias and room-deep workshop display windows.

Competition 1st Prize, 2024
Client Hansestadt Rostock

Project Management: Simon Banakar
Team: Dinah Fray, Thomas Hertel, Lukas Monath, Frederic Rustige, Julia Zillich, Julius Dettmers, Robert Engels, Janine Seiffert