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Parts of the museum were to be expanded, reorganized to be barrier-free, and restored in accordance with historical preservation guidelines. Additionally, the entrance area of the museum was intended to be made more inviting.
Our design concept involves touching the impressive existing buildings as little as possible and adding a contemporary layer that can be filled with a variety of functions and exhibits, resembling an exhibition shelf. The new addition makes the museum's fascinating offerings more tangible while providing all the necessary functions for the smooth operation of the facility.
All elements are assembled from a basic framework of delicate wooden elements that are self-supporting and can be adapted to the desired function through various fillings. The structure is designed specifically for each location and yet can be seen as a cohesive intervention.

Competition 2nd Prize, 2023
Client Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Project Management: Petra Wäldle, Simon Banakar
Team: Constanze Knoll, Steffen Rebehn, Frederic Rustige, Julius Dettmers, Leo Kraatz

Landscape architecture: Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin