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The school unites an elementary school and two special schools under one roof in an outstanding scenic location. The state of Schleswig-Holstein wants to set an example for sustainable school construction and a future-oriented learning environment with this project.
Our design takes learning in the midst of nature and the community of the three schools as the starting point for the design concept. Like in a village, five one-story school buildings and a gymnasium are grouped around a two-story main building. All paths meet in the central hall, which serves as a foyer, assembly hall, refectory, and recess hall for all students. Thus, the building is shared by all throughout the day. Between the buildings, nature extends to the doors of the main building, creating differentiated open spaces for the individual school buildings, whether as a kitchen garden, green classroom, exercise and climbing area, or weather-protected break area. The interlocking of the buildings with the landscape defines the atmosphere of the complex. Its low wooden buildings with hipped roofs blend unobtrusively into the small-scale surroundings and form easily identifiable addresses for the individual learning units and the connecting community house. The visible wooden supporting structure articulates the interior spaces and can be traced by the children all the way up to the facades.

Competition 1st Prize, 2022
Client City of Eutin
Planning started 2022
Total floor area 11,000 sqm

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Dinah Fray, Frederic Rustige, Oskar Bode

Planning and Realization
Project Management: Wiebke Henning
Deputy Project Management: Simon Erik Lehmann
Team: Jacob Steinfelder, Jennifer Schulz, Sabine Zoske, Lucía Martínez Estefanía

Landcape architecture: Atelier Loidl, Berlin