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The decisive clues for the reconstruction and the new wing buildings of the Markgräfliches Palais come from the still preserved, listed parts of the classicist building by Friedrich Weinbrenner of the central section. The spatial dramaturgy of the historic building led from the portico via the vestibule to the staircase hall. It then continued either up to the hall or further into the garden. This sequence can be experienced again in a slightly adapted form. The original rooms on the street side are restored and integrated into the spatial sequences. The bank's customers are welcomed by an open waiting area on the first floor, as in the past. From here, a broad set of stairs leads to the garden. Visitors to public events take the central staircase to the upper floor and reach the foyer with a view of Rondellplatz and the new oval event hall.
The central building section connects to the clearly organized wing buildings by two new distribution spaces. These are regularly rhythmed by entrances and staircases in the scale of the old baroque town of Karlsruhe. The façade is structured in reference to the central building. On the first floor, glazed gastronomy and retail spaces enliven the street space and the garden area. Above this are office spaces that can be subdivided as required and used by the bank or rented out to third parties. The spatial structure is defined by a few load-bearing elements and can be used in a highly flexible manner and easily adapted to future needs. Based on the existing hipped roof of the central section, the new roof develops as a folded wooden structure with apartments arranged on two floors. The new building parts show their time of origin and connect to the existing building through their spatial logic, structuring and materiality to form a multi-layered ensemble. At its center the historic building can unfold its full effect.

Competition 1st Prize, 2022
Client PSD Bank Karlsruhe-Neustadt
Planning started 2022
Building started 2024

Project Management: Bettina Schriewer
Team: Lars Hinrichs, Steffen Rebehn, Daniel Geistlinger

Planning and Realization
Project Coordination: Hanns Ziegler, Bettina Schriewer
Project Management: Dirk Wischnewski
Team: Sophia Martinetz, Christina Tellmann, Mareike Beumer, Dominik Weigel, Florian Hauß, Sabine Zoske, Claudia Trott, Nicole Lochocki

Landscape architecture: Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin