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The building is part of the project Domareal Paderborn, which aims to upgrade the historically significant area between Domplatz and Heiersstraße in Paderborn. All proposed buildings develop from the former immunity wall that separated the cathedral castle from the bourgeois city and are characterized by a unifying whitewashed brick façade. The first building to be realized was an administrative building for the archdiocese.

Competition 1st Prize, 2016
Planning started 2016
Building started 2020
Completion 2021
Total floor area 1,250 sqm

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Eriona Zeneli-Schott, Sönke Reteike, Jannis Petereit

Planning and Realization
Project Coordination: Alfred Nieuwenhuizen
Project Management: Dirk Wischnewski
Team: Sönke Reteike, Charlotte Stein

Implementation planning and construction management: Ingenieurbüro Driller, Paderborn