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A public footpath that leads straight through the building has now redefined pedestrian circulation on the campus. The result is an architectural ensemble that creates not only an organisational cross-link with the southern part of the campus, but also a spatial connection. The oblong building is arranged around two courtyards: one is the actual forecourt while the other, located on Level +1, creates space to the rear of the dining hall and connects to it via a bridge. The embedding of the building in its urban context unfolds an organisational logic in the interior as well. The two courtyards carved out of the building block divide it into various sub-centres as organisational units for the various university departments. The most public part of the institute is located in the centre of the building – the multimedia lecture hall. The one-storey offset of the two exterior courtyards, which are linked through the ramp system of the public footpath, is achieved through the rising tiers of the auditorium inside.

Negotiation procedure 2003
Client Free State of Bavaria
Planning started 2003
Completion 2009
Total floor area 9,250 sqm

Planning and Realization
Project Management: Per Pedersen, Birgit Decker
Team: Daniel Angly, Corinna Moesges, Dirk Brändlin, Julia Renfer, Birgit Knicker, Oliver Maurer, Daniel Verhülsdonk, Jan Holländer, Sebastian Haufe, Helga Blocksdorf, Manuela Jochheim, Jan Faisst, Patrick Neubeck, Daniel Kroninger, Insa Wagner
Senior Construction Management: Michael Schmid

Marcus Ebener