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In the alteration work in the plenary chamber, respect for the historical building and careful refurbishment were the prime concerns. The chamber was fitted with a new interior surface cladding which consists of two components.
The functional areas in the chamber are organised by a wooden frame and textile surface coverings. It forms the basis of the room and contains the parliamentary seating, the government bench, the viewers' gallery and the technical installation rooms.
A second spatial shell of satin-like glass opens the room up to the light. It creates a new horizon within the room and thus masks the actual limits of the room. This conveys a new dimensionality and a sense of movement in the room which positively affects the effect of the walls and the cramped proportions of the room.

Competition 1st Prize, 2000
Client Free State of Bavaria
Planning started 2003
Completion 2005
Total floor area 1,500 sqm

Team: Thomas Schmidt, Hanns Ziegler, Alexander Böhme

Planning and Realization
Project Management: Thomas Schmidt
Team: Jens Achtermann, Ulf Theenhausen, Dirk Brändlin, Juergen Rustler

Art in architecture: Nol Henissen
Werner Huthmacher