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Mila Hacke

The rectangular structure of the Siemens office building in Erlangen has cutaway sections in its volume which correspond to the urban design of the neighbouring high-rise slab-type building and create two entrance portals. Two prominent, structurally highlighted meeting rooms create an additional vertical sub-division, reflecting the structure of the two-storey buildings on the other side of the road. Office zones with a depth of fifteen metres provide flexibility in the use of space and are arranged in various staggered configurations through the various storeys.
The double-glazed facade combines the requirements for flexible wall connections and external sun protection, so that an independent facade concept is created. Therefore, printed sun-protection glass is used both as an external sun protection device for every second office axis and as a cladding material for the parapets. This creates the appearance of a perforated facade, which after dark becomes a band-type facade.

Survey 2000
Client MCM - Grundstücksgesellschaft
Planning started 2000
Completion 2004
Total floor area 8,600 sqm

Team: Filiz Doğu, Per Pedersen

Planning and Realization
Project Management: Per Pedersen
Team: Michèle Görhardt, Hanns Ziegler, Klaus Gehrmann, Dag Lars Rümenapp, Anna Barnett-Robisheaux, Dirk Brändlin, Patric Eckstein, Julia Renfer, Babette Schumacher