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Ground floor

The competition entry responds to the rough atmosphere of the Werksviertel at the Ostbahnhof with a robust, structurally defined building that is made of traditional industrial building materials – concrete, glass and metal. The concert hall is embedded in its context yet at the same time marks its territory that from now on belongs to music. Its glowing front made up of dots of light that flow into the foyer along the ceiling, already signifies that this is where music is celebrated. Still, the building is not elevated above the masses but makes the street level its point of reference. The entire ground level is kept open for planned as well as informal encounters with music. The main concert hall is opened to the foyer just like a shell, a glass horizon bringing it into close contact with passersby and visitors. A playing field is created that can cater to galas just as well as to stand-up performances. The building is turned into part of the city but remains a clearly defined place for music of the highest quality – an institution for music enthusiasts, a temple for concert goers and a motor for its surrounding.

Competition 5th Prize, 2017

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Simon Banakar, Georg Hana, Jamie Queisser, Franziska Ebeler, Tom Zumdick