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Side plan

A sophisticated office and commercial building, which responds to the heterogenous urban situation on the Opernplatz Square in a detailed manner, is to be situated opposite the Opera in Frankfurt. In the direction of the historical centre, the building takes on the alignment and eave height of its neighbors, whereas in the direction of the Opernplatz Square and Taunusanlagen rampart, the building is stacked two levels higher and appears as a powerful stand-alone building. In order to fulfill the spatial requirements in light of this distinction, the building was conceived in three parallel zones—a circulatory core flanked by two office space zones. Open staircases expand the retail spaces on the ground floor into the lower and upper levels. Logistics areas were optimised functionally. The facade adaptively references the stone architecture of the historical centre and the surrounding high-rises in a complex manner: the traditional tripartite division into ground floor, central area and top floor is gradually refined and exhibited through a decreased amount of stone, which is replaced by bronze framework set back deep into the facade. The horizontal windows on the ground floor, which is clad in natural stone, are distributed along an approximately square grid of apertures articulated by cornices. This grid is reduced to a series of thin braces on the top floor and lends the facade a delicate airiness with its reflective bronze and glass elements.

Competition one 2nd Prize, 2016

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Simon Banakar, Jannis Petereit, Roberto Zitelli, Sönke Reteike