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© Udo Meinel
© Ivan Nemec
© Ivan Nemec

Above a pedestal defined by an existing underground car park, the museum building unfolds its own independent form. It appears as an architectural sculpture alongside the old town, but with its cutaway sections and passageways it matches the old town structure, so that the building blends with the fragmentary small unit structure of the old town in spite of its large volume. From the elevated entrance floor, a central staircase leads to the temporary exhibition spaces, the graphics collection, and the main collection. The highly compact second floor allows all the paintings in the permanent exhibition to be displayed in daylight rooms. Its horizontally organized exhibition floor plan offers a variety of room sizes and proportions, which have clear points of orientation and external references in the defined spaces of the access hall and the atriums. The resulting clusters of spaces are highlighted by a color scheme.


Architectural prize for concrete 2001
BDA prize Bavaria, Commendation 2001

Competition 1st Prize, 1997
Client City of Schweinfurt
Planning started 1997
Completion 2000
Total floor area 6,500 sqm

Team: Hanns Ziegler, Frank Fuhrmann, Klaus Gehrmann

Planning and Realization
Project Management: Per Pedersen
Team: Hanns Ziegler, Martina Eissler, Klaus Gehrmann, Birgit Hübner, Madina von Arnim, Alexander Böhme, Uta Weichlein

Local Construction Management: BAL Bauplanungs und Steuerungs GmbH, Berlin
Ivan Nemec, Udo Meinel, Zooey Braun