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On the industrial site to the west of the former Tegel Airport, an innovative mixed-use quarter with around 10,000 apartments and office units is in planning. Its neighborhoods and infrastructure will be conceived and networked in a forward-looking way. A key component of the quarter is a new type of building, the Mobility Hub. It will accommodate the quarter's service, sharing, parking, and storage facilities and act as an urban accent at the eastern entrance to the quarter. With its two-story exposed concrete structure and additive façade, the nearly 60-meter-high building reflects the developers' sustainable ambitions: the wide-spanning primary structure can be expanded by two-story prefabricated wood-concrete composite units for offices and medical practices or by a three-story reversible steel composite structure for parking decks. The sharing and logistics area, as well as a concierge area for all the needs of the neighborhood, is located on the first floor. In addition to the Mobility Hub, innovative hybrid buildings for living and working are in planning. The existing buildings will be renovated and converted.

Competing survey 2017
Client UTB / Gewobag Projekt Gartenfeld Entwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG
Planning started 2020
Usable floor area 9,500 sim

Competing survey
Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Jamie Queisser, Franziska Ebeler, Mathis Grahl, Marienne Wissmann, Tobias Seemann, Svea Hinzmann, Agata Hinca

Planning and Realization
Project Coordination: Per Pedersen
Project Management: Ulf Theenhausen
Team: Eriona Zeneli-Schott, Sarah Papen, Jamie Queisser, Franziska Ebeler, Marienne Wissmann, Georg Hana

Landscape architecture: ST raum a., Berlin