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© Marcus Ebener
© Marcus Ebener
© Marcus Ebener

In this prominent urban setting, an extension of the “cultural boulevard” in the southern part of the city, the challenge was not only to design a building 200 metres in length, but also to formulate the border between the palace garden and the street. Furthermore, the building would have to lend the ministry a suitable profile. 
Despite its nearly monofunctional structure, themes had to be found with which to articulate the ministry’s home both inside and out. We thus developed a series of interior courtyards of varying proportions, which give a spatial identity to the different departments of the ministry while also fitting the building into its urban context.
Conference rooms and dining areas are housed on the two ground floor levels dictated by the site’s topography and hence welcome the public at this very important point in the layout of the city. Directly adjacent is the entrance area for internal ministry functions.


Hugo Häring Award from BDA Baden-Württemberg 2014

Competition 1st Prize, 2008
Client Land Baden-Württemberg
Planning started 2008
Completion 2014
Total floor area 33,000 sqm

Team: Hannah Jonas, Katherina Ortner, Florian Nusser, Bettina Schriewer, Johannes Thoma, Kerstin Boden

Planning and Realization
Project Management: Thomas Schmidt
Deputy Project Management: Dominik Weigel
Team: Lukas Oelmüller, Charlotte Stein, Johanna Bornkamm, Michael Zeeh, Sabine Zoske, Tobias Steib, Daniel Pleikies, Claus Thiemann, Ralf Grubert, Manuela Jochheim, Sibel Yilmaz, Noah Grunwald
Construction Management Coordination: Dirk Richter

Landscape architecture: Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin
Local Construction Management: Jo Carle Architekten, Stuttgart
Art in architecture: Raik Elias »Drei Ringe«
Marcus Ebener