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© Jens Achtermann
© Jens Achtermann
© Jens Achtermann

At the Spandau Citadel, one of the best-preserved Renaissance fortresses in Germany, two listed buildings in the inner courtyard were converted: the former provisions magazine into a museum for Berlin monuments and the former barracks into a temporary exhibition area and conference and event center. The goal was to strengthen the impressive site with few resources and develop an exhibition concept that mediates between the spatial power of the historic site and the requirements for an exciting contemporary presentation.
Both buildings are now free of earlier additions and extensions. In the Provisions Magazine, the original wall fabric was made visible and leveled on the inside with a plaster slurry that makes the spatial presence of the walls and the different layers of time visible. A new floor slab covered with polished concrete forms the "foundation" of the new exhibition design and provides the necessary infrastructure. The exhibition concept oscillates between the presentation of the original exhibits in the historical spaces and interspersed cubes with media-staged rooms.

Competition 1st Prize, 2010
Client Borough office of Spandau, Berlin
Planning started 2010
Completion 2016
Total floor area 8,100 sqm

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Matthias Tscheuschler, Rita Wirth, Brigitte Fischer

Planning and Realization
Project Coordination: Per Pedersen
Project Management: Jens Achtermann, Christian Stöckert
Team: Hjördis Klein, Anna Dreeßen-Hüper, Tanja Klein, Claudia Trott, Georg Hana, Johanna Bornkamm, Brigitte Fischer, Dominik Schendel

Local Construction Management: Bezirksamt Spandau, Berlin
Jens Achtermann