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Side plan

16 municipalities have jointly organized the 2019 horticultural show, staging the landscape along the Rems over the length of 80 kilometers.
As a unifying element, each of the municipalities had a pavilion designed by a renowned German architect and then erected by local construction companies.
We designed a small, peaceful place in the community of Böbingen:
A bright white roof is suspended in the middle of the forest, a white gravel field tracing its outline on the ground, marking an abstract space - enigmatic, attractive and open to visitors on all sides.


Hugo-Häring-Award 2020 from Association of German Architects (BDA) Stuttgart

Direct order 2017
Planning started 2017
Completion 2019
Usable floor area 80 sim

Team: Petra Wäldle, Sarah Papen, Sophia Martinetz, Qoloop Teallepat