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The grounds of the Burg Hülshoff (Castle Hülshoff), a water castle from the Renaissance and birthplace of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, are to be transformed into an interdisciplinary place of literature and culture.
In light of the condition of the existing buildings and the project’s tight budget, we propose deliberate measures to retrofit the buildings and exterior spaces. The selective activation adds a visibly new time layer to the historic complex. At the same time interstitial spaces in the generously dimensioned buildings are created, which can be used for experimental formats and are open for later developments.
All interventions follow a higher design concept. A modular steel skeleton system with freely selectable infills and a concrete floor is carefully implanted into the existing buildings and the exterior space according to the house-in-house principle, providing spaces that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Depending on the situation and budget, these rooms can be technically equipped and adapted as required. The unique atmosphere of the almost 500-year-old castle complex is to remain perceptible and yet, step by step, new life is to be breathed into the buildings and the outdoor area.

Competition 1st Prize, 2018
Client Hülshoff Foundation, Community of Havixbeck
Planning started 2019

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Sophia Martinetz, Mathis Grahl, Olga Shapovalova, Dinah Fray

Planning and Realization
Project Coordination: Alfred Nieuwenhuizen
Project Management: Dirk Wischnewski
Team: Jerónimo Haug, Sandra Herzog, Sabine Zoske, Georg Hana

Contact architects: Mensen + Zora Architekten, Münster
Landscape architecture: Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin