2018, 2nd Prize

Entrance Building for the Detmold Open Air Museum Read more

The entrance building on the country road to Detmold gives the open-air museum, located 11m higher, a visible address for the first time. Parallel to the neighboring baroque gardens, the terraced building is pushed deep into the slope and connects three levels on the interior and exterior with retaining walls, open stairs and terraces. While the foyer and the exhibition space, which are cut into the terrain, are accessible from the forecourt on the street, the public museum terrace is set on the level of the baroque garden and can be accessed via an open staircase. From there, a ramp leads up to the level of the open-air museum, from where the museum pedagogy can be reached.
All surfaces are made of local natural stone, whereby a distinction is made between the rough, unhewn appearance of the exterior walls and facades and the smooth, polished surfaces of the incisions and recesses. This and the strong reference to the topography and its barrierfree access give the entrance building a memorable appearance that oscil- lates between object and landscape architecture.

Competition 2nd Prize, 2018

Project Management: Petra Wäldle
Team: Dinah Fray, Michael Roth